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Where Am I?

No sooner did Nachiketa get theclearance, he sat in the lotus posture (padmasana). With folded hands and closed eyes he began to pray to Lord Yama. Gradually he completely forgot the outside world.

Suddenly he felt as if some one was calling him. On opening his eyes he found neither his father nor the pandal. Sages too were not there, nor cottages. So, what did he find?

It was a wonderful place indeed. He saw a big palatial building in his front. The walls were plated with golden frills. It was a wonder of wonders to him. Slowly he proceeded towards the gates of the palace. Two sturdy persons with open swords were guarding the palace. He was taken aback on seeing those thick- moustached fellows. But mustering courage, he approached them and said, "Sirs, may I know where I am and who you are?" They replied, "This is the palace of king Yama in the city of Samyamani. By the way, what brought you here, young lad?"

Nachiketa was thrilled and felt that he was very fortunate. He said, "Respected Sirs, I am the son of the sage Vajashravas. My father has ordained me to meet God Yama. Please take me to him." The guards went inside with the information. They returned and said, "The Lord is out of station on some business. He is expected to return after three days. The Queen has requested you to make yourself comfortable as a guest of the palace."

But the proposal was not acceptable to Nachiketa. He said, "Sirs, my father has ordained that I should act according to the instructions Of Lord Yama. Hence I will wait for him at the gate itself till he returns." So saying, he selected a convenient spot outside the palace and, stretching a dear
skin, sat upon it. Closing his eyes he began to chant the name of God.

Three nights passed. Nachiketa did not move from his place. He had not eaten even a morsel of food. Still his mind never wavered. It was concentrated upon God and God alone. This truly is what is called as penance. Gods and Goddesses in the heaven were wonderstruck at the penance
of the boy.

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