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Cynosure of All

In the early days at his master's place Nachiketa was finding it difficult to follow all the disciplines of the Ashram. But slowly he became used to the new environment, and-the memory of his home began to fade. Now he was concerned with only three things - Ashram, teacher and studies. There were other students also in the Ashram who was senior to him. But Nachiketa ranked first in maintaining the discipline.

He was the first to rise in the morning. Then a swim and bath at the adjoining river. This was followed by lessons in Veda at the classroom. The Acharya used to sit on a high chair and teach. The students occupied the place on the mat spread on the floor. After finishing the classes the pupils had to collect their daily food by visiting other cottages and Ashrams. But partaking of food was not an individual affair. All the students had to assemble together and dine collectively after receiving blessings from the teacher. After the day's work was over they were sleeping on mats.

The students were assigned some odd jobs during the afternoons - such as washing the clothes, cleaning the classrooms, plucking the flowers,picking the tender grass to be used in thesacrifice, watering the plants, bringing fodder for the cows and so on.

Nachiketa used to make a thorough job of the work entrusted to him. As soon as he heard the voice of the master calling him, he used to spring to his feet. With folded hands he would ask, "Yes, Sir, what is the order?" In fact he needed no instructions at all to do the job. By the very facial expression of his master, he would sense what was in his mind and complete  in no time. Thus Nachiketa became the best loved boy in the Ashram.

His method of learning was also unique. It was enough for him if he heard the lesson only once.

The hunger for knowledge in him was insatiable. He was being taught a new lesson each day. He never even once forgot what he had learnt. It was a pleasure for the teacher to teach him.The neighbors of the Ashram who used to drop in were full of praise of the boy. "Who is this intelligent student? Who are the parents of this gem of a boy? How fortunate must be his parents they used to wonder.

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