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Knowledge of Fire

Nachiketa: "Lord, I have learnt that Gods and Goddesses abound in Heaven. They know no fear. They have no botheration of old age. They are deathless. If we have to attain Godhood, it seems we must be well versed in the Knowledge of Fire (Agni- vidya). I seek that Knowledge of Fire from

Now Lord Yama was pur in a dilemma. How can he transmit such high knowledge to such a young boy? Still he replied: "Nachiketa, no doubt you are a dedicated boy. A person with dedication will find it easier to understand the intricacies of knowledge. So listen with care." So saying, he preached him the Knowledge of Fire. At the end he said: "Nachiketa, only those endowed with good memory power are able to retain this knowledge. Otherwise it is difficult. Let me see if you can repeat my teachings."

Nachiketa was too brilliant a student for such tests. His grasping power was wonderful. Any lesson, even if taught only once, used to be fresh in his memory forever. Without missing a single letter, he repeated everything that Lord Yama had spoken. Lord Yama was filled with joy. He was all admiration for the boy. 'Enough, enough" he said, "Now that you have become a learned person, I will grant a boon on my own. This Knowledge of
Fire will henceforth be known as 'Nachiketagni' named after you. Whoever acquires this knowledge will attain Godhood automatically. Naturally you
will also attain Godhood." With these words he placed a garland of beautiful gems around Nachiketa's neck.

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Nachiketa - A Brave Lad who sought knowledge at a very tender age..
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