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Desire to See Yama

One day a sad thing happened at the Ashram. Nachiketa was only 12 years old at that time. There was a black cow in the Ashram, which Nachiketa was very fond of, It died. His grief knew no bounds. Consoling him, the Acharya said: "Dear child Nachiketa, what is the use of shedding tears over a dead cow? Those who die shall never return. Everyone has to die one day or the other."

"If the cow is dead, how come I am still seeing the cow here, sir?" asked Nachiketa.

"No, no, it is only the body of the cow that you are seeing. Yama has taken away its life. Don't you know that Yama is the Lord of Death?" said the Acharya.

Instantly he remembered something. He said, "Yes Sir, I remember to have heard some such thing from my mother also. I was very young then. Since then I am eager to meet that Yama."

With a smile the Acharya replied: "Boy, it is not that easy. Meeting Yama means death to this life. Those persons will never return."

Nachiketa was disappointed. He queried, "Do you mean to say Sir, that, as it is, it is impossible to meet Yama?"

"Well," said the Acharya, " it may be possible for a very few people who have performed great penance. But nobody has dared yet. All right, now that it is dark, we shall retire." The Acharya proceeded to the inner quarters. But nothing couldsatisfy Nachiketa. At last he said to himself with
determination: "Let me see, whatever be the consequences, I should meet Yama one day or the other."

Days rolled by.

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