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The story of Nachiketa is narrated in the holy book of Vedas. There is a section by name 'Kathopanishat' in the Krishna- Yajurveda. This upanishadic chapter has elaborately described Nachiketa's visit to Lord Yama, the boons he acquired, and the details regarding the teachings of Yama and other things. The book is read even today with great devotion. It has been translated into many major languages of the world. The learned men even outside Bharat have written treatises upon it. We are proud that this young sage Nachiketa is from our country.

Nachiketa carried the knowledge from Heaven to the earth. He was tender in age but attained sagehood by his knowledge. He was the one who argued with Lord Yama that knowledge is supreme. Verily he is a gem among the scholars. His service to his parents as well as to his teachers is a shining example for others to emulate. He wished nothing but good to the world. This little great man was the cause for bringing the lamp of knowledge from the heaven to the earth.

The joint prayer of the teacher and the pupil in the 'Kathopanishat' is as follows:

Om Saha naavavatu

Saha nau bhunaktu

Saha veeryam karavaavahai

Tejaswi naavadheetam astu

Maa vidvishaavahai

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih

"May God protect us together. May He nourish us together. Let us be engaged in bold and purposive activities. Let our noble study be full of luster. Let us not have ill feelings between us."

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Nachiketa - A Brave Lad who sought knowledge at a very tender age..
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