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Again With Parents

The heavenly voice was heard throughout the world. All the penancegroves in the Holy Land of Bharat received themessage. It reached the sacrificial hall ofVajashravas also. Vajashravas ran out and gazed towards the sky. The other sages also joined him. They saw a brilliant object
descending to the earth. It landed near the sacrificial hall. Lo! They beheld Nachiketa.

Vajashravas embraced his son with open arms and said, "My dear son, please forgive me." Mother Vishwavaradevi overwhelmed with joy, Enquirer, "Darling child! How did you acquire this luster on your face? Who presented this jeweled garland?"

Nachiketa narrated the entire story to all those assembled. Praise was showered on Nachiketa for his achievement. The sages turned to Vajashravas and said, "0 sage Vajashravas! Truly your son is great! He has earned praise from Lord Yama himself. How fortunate you both are to be his parents 1. The fruits of this sacrifice are doubled because of him. He struggled so that you can attain Godhood. He should be venerated since he caused the Knowledge of Nachiketagni to come to this world. He has brought the knowledge of Soul (Atmavidya) along with him. Though he might be a boy, he has already attained sagehood, His name will find a place in the books of vedas. He will remain immortal."

This is the story of how Nachiketa became great sage - Maharshi.

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Nachiketa - A Brave Lad who sought knowledge at a very tender age..
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