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"Choose Three Boons"

As soon as Lord Yama returned to the palace, he was appraised of the developments. The Queen prevailed on her consort to act immediately. She
said, "it does not augur well for us if the guest is made to fast. Please bring him inside immediately."

Lord Yama was immensely pleased with the penance of Nachiketa. Though Nachiketa was a junior, still Yama addressed him with folded hands with
the words, "0 illustrious and noble Brahmin. " Nachiketa rubbed his eyes and slowly opened them. The sight he saw had no parallel in his life. He beheld Lord Yama in all his heavenly glory. He stood up and with folded hands prayed thus: "0, Lord of Justice, I have come here at the behest of my father. I am at your disposal now."

The Lord led him inside the palace and offered him a pedestalled seat. He washed the guest's feet and offered him milk and fruits. Nachiketa accepted the offerings. Then the Lord began the conversation with the words, "Dear boy, guests are considered as Gods in our land. Unfortunately you, though being my guest, had to fast for three days because of me. I beg your pardon for this mistake of mine. Since you underwent fast for three days, I grant you three boons. Choice is yours."

Nachiketa replied: "Lord, your blessings are enough for me. Only my father has ordained that I must act according to your instructions."

"Nachiketa, I am pleased with your humility," said the Lord, "but my words shall not go unfulfilled. I insist upon granting you three boons. Please
spell out your choice."

Nachiketa continued: "Lord, I believe that anger is bad for anybody. Whenever a person becomes angry, he knows not what he speaks. But later on he repents for his uttering. If only my father had remained peaceful during the period of sacrifice, there would have been no necessity at all for the sad happenings. But if a person should attain peace of mind, he should be satisfied within himself. My father is all the more sorry because the proceedings of the sacrifice have been disrupted."

Yama replied: "Don't you worry, Nachiketa. You have not come here after dying. Your father has performed many a penance. In order that his words may beaccomplished, I myself made you to go over here. Please ask whatever you desire."

Nachiketa: "In that case, I shall venture. My father should be relieved of his anger and he should become a peaceful and contented person. He should recognize me as my old self when I return and also he should show the same affection. This shall be my first request."

Lord "All right, your father will be at peace with himself henceforward. The sacrifice shall be completed and he will be happy about it. He will be doubly happy to see you again. Now proceed to the second."

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