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The 'Word' of the Guru

Every part of India is hailed as a sacred land. It is due to the influence of some Guru. But some among the Gurus have practised in their own lives the ever-true, ever-living and universal principles of Guruhood. They have taught men about them. They have left something very precious to mankind. They do not know the limitations of time and place.

Religious or caste differences do not bind them. They are like the pure air that blows everywhere giving cheer to all. They are like the life-giving Amrita or ambrosia, which is welcomed by all and at all, times. They teach no distinction of birth or status. These Gurus show the greatness and the uniqueness of the enlightened ones. They represent the time-old Guruhood which cannot be described in words.Even though they may not speak out, there is great power in their very look.The teaching or the word of the Guru' can show the path of freedom from sorrow and evil in the world. The 'word' of Narayana Guru of Kerala belongs to such a tradition.

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Narayana Guru - The saint-reformer, who led a quiet and significant social revolution..
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