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Compassion Personified

Superstitions diehard. Sacred Shivaratri day arrived. At the place where Narayana Guru had initiated a pure and simple tradition a big fair gathered. That was also like any other fair! To keep vigil the night over, there was music and Kirtans by ministrels. Shiva's idol was carried on and elephant in procession. There was display of fireworks. At midnight, a meeting was held. The Guru presided.

The meeting commenced. Speaker after speaker delivered long orations on the ideals of the Guru. The people assembled there heard in rapt attention. A small group of people sat apart from the others at a distance. They could not mix with the large group of people. They were 'untouchables' - unfit to be touched. Many people then had the wrong belief that some people were outcastes. The Guru's eyes turned towards them. He then asked the speaker to stop for a while. He beckoned two children sitting among the 'untouchables' and spoke kind words to them. He asked them to sit by his side, and said to himself "These are also God's children a everyone else is." His compassion was visible in his eyes, which were wet with tears. The Guru then gave his message. It was as follows:

Without distinction of caste or birth,

Without hatred of other religions,

We all live here in brotherhood,

This is the ideal that is here,

Let every one of you know this.

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