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Dedicating the Temple A New Way

The day for the dedication of the temple arrived. Thousands of people assembled with great eagerness. "How will the idol of Shiva be installed? With what chantings and rites will it be done?" The large assembly was anxiously awaiting the great moment.

Yogi Nanu rose in the early hours of the day. He bathed in the rivulet. He stood amidst the people in deep meditation. He offered Arati (the sacred flame) to the Lingam, which was the idol of Lord Shiva. Then he stood with eyes uplifted towards the heavens. He offered silent prayer. His prayer was: "May the Grace of Lord Shiva increase without bounds! May the poor and the hungry find happiness! May they progress well! May they find without fait, their daily bread! May all men be truthful, and work to increase the happiness of one another by mutual aid! May they become purer day by day! May hatred and jealously disappear! May the mind, which honors the meanest in God’s creation, take shape in all men! May at least the least part of Absolute Truth take root in all! May peace come to all!"

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With eyes uplifted towards the heavens, Yogi Nanu offered a silent prayer
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