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In Varkala

A new phase began in the Guru's life in 1904.He decided to give up his wandering life and settle down in a place to continue his 'Sadhana' (spiritual endeavor) he choose Shivagiri, a place near Varkala, which is twenty miles to the north of Tiruvanantapura. It is also quite close to the seacoast. After he settled down there in a coconut-palm leaf cottage, the Guru's Sadhana also took a new turn. Goddess 'Amba' became his deity of worship.

Very soon Varkala also became a place of pilgrimage. The Guru started a Samskrita school there. Poor boys and orphans were taken under his care. They were given education. They were also taught some useful art. There was no caste distinction at all. The Guru himself was absorbed in some work during the greater part of the day. Many devotees used to visit him seeking relief in their problems. His teaching then was as follows "Our fingers, hands and feet should always find work. They are like restless horses. If we do not keep them engaged in sufficient work, we shall fall ill." He set an example himself to this maxim. He not only cooked his f6od but also washed his clothes.

Devotees from distant places like Simhala (Sree Lanka) and Mangalore used to visit the Ashrarn at Varkala. They saw that the Guru had no attachment to any kind of work. But in spite of it, he got built many temples and founded educational institutions to teach English and Samskrita, during the nine years from 1904 to 1913. At Varkala a temple for Anjengo(Anjaneya) was built. Temples were built at different places - Tiruchur, Kannanur, Tellicherry, Calicut, and Mangalore. A temple was built for Sharada Devi in 1912, at Shivagiri. Worship at such temples helped to reduce to a large extent superstitious beliefs and practices.

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Narayana Guru - The saint-reformer, who led a quiet and significant social revolution..
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