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The Gentle Reformer

This was the beginning of a Movement for Social Reform by Narayana Guru. 'Untouchability', animal sacrifice to please the gods, and the evil of drink existed in Travancore (Kerala) State also, as in all the other parts of India. The people forgot the fact that ‘all are men’. Now and then religious teachers, who came upon the scene, taught about the true nature of 'Dharma' – the law of Life. But still supers- titious practices were the order of the day. Reformation was not an easy task. But Narayana Guru freely mingled with the people, and tried to make themunderstand their follies. He argued with them in a gentle manner. He won their hearts and worked hard to put an end to the practice of animal sacrifice. He made them pull down the temples meant for such sacrifices. He had new temples and schools built on the very spot by them.

The Guru would be pained to see the harm done by men to animals. Once when he was travelling in a bullock-cart, he could not bear to see the pain inflicted on the dumb animals by the cart-driver. He got down, and walked twenty miles to reach the destination. Many a time he ref used to take milk and fasted because the milk-men did not leave enough milk to the tender calves.

In this way, the compassionate Narayana Guru travelled for over fifteen years in the land of Malayalam. He tried to wipe out the superstitious beliefs and practices of the lowly and the lost in society. In short, he tried to transform the very way of life that the people followed. He also taught them the need to lead a life of cleanliness, keeping their houses and surroundings free from dirt. He taught them the way to lead a good life.

Many young men were attracted to the Guru by his compassion. They founded an institution called ‘Narayana Dharmapari- palana Yogam'. In 1903, the Guru travelled in Cochin State. The public accorded him great ovation wherever he went. He ended differences and advised parties opposed to each other not to run to Law Courts. The Travancore High Court admired his teaching. It made a mention of the Guru's efforts in its reports.

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Narayana Guru - The saint-reformer, who led a quiet and significant social revolution..
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