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The Way Shown by the Guru

Some stories about the Guru will help to illustrate some important ideas of his message and his philosophy of life. Here is one of them:

One bright morning, the Guru was standing under a mango tree at Shivagiri. A young Brahmachari disciple had got up in the early, morning as usual. He gathered flowers. He went from temple to temple and was busy prostrating before the idols and offering flowers. In one of the temples there was a beautiful portrait of the Guru. The Brahmachari placed flowers before the portrait, lighted camphor, and with folded hands recited the Samskrita stanza, which sings the glory of the Guru "Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheshwara."

At that time a number of devotees were standing around the Guru. He said to them: "Look at this strange thing! I am standing here in flesh and blood. I have not had my breakfast yet. My portrait is more fortunate than I am It has camphor light, floral offering and song recital before it." In this humorous way, the Guru taught that such is the way of thoughtless custom.

The future society of India should not remain apart from the rest of mankind. Humanity should be its sole base. For this the Guru advocated inter-caste and inter-religious marriages. Here is an example:  A rich young man went to Europe for higher studies. He desired to marry a girl there. The girl also gave her consent. Both of them came to India. The boy's father was afraid that society would be displeased, if the marriage took place. The Guru got the marriage solemnized in his Ashram. Thereafter everything went on happily.

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Narayana Guru - The saint-reformer, who led a quiet and significant social revolution..
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