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Yogi Nanu

Learning from the sacred books and the practice of Yoga did not give peace of mind to Nanu Asan. He continued his wanderings in quest of Truth. By and by, he came to a place called Aruvipuram. It was a forest area. There were hills around. A gurgling rivulet also flowed there. It was a solitary place. There was deep peace. Nanu stayed there and entered into meditation. Only cowherds used to visit that place now and then. They were full of wonder to see a Yogi in meditation. They spread the news far and wide. Soon people began to come in-groups to see the Yogi. In course of time, the number of visitors grew. This disturbed Nanu. He tried to hide himself in greater solitude. His meditations too became deeper. At last, he realized peace of mind. He got confidence in himself and faith in life. He realized that true joy lied in doing good to others. He found divine joy in human association. Soon, Yogi Nanu's place became a centre of sacred pilgrimage. An Ashram was founded there. There was no temple for worship. At the suggestion of Yogi Nanu people agreed to build a temple for Lord Shiva there.

The question in the minds of all was: How should the idol be installed? Should they follow the old practices and customs?"

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