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Some Sayings of the Guru

The Temple

Have the objects for which the temples were created been realized in practice? The worship of Ishwara should not go on only in the temples. It should fill every heart and every home.

Animal Sacrifice

All living beings form one brotherhood. This ought to be the law of life. This being so, how can we sacrifice animals? How can we eat animals without mercy?


God may be worshipped anywhere. Idols are not always necessary. It is the ideal that counts. Declare truth and love as well as dutifulness in all your temples. Put tem into action in your lives too.

The Evil of Liquor

Liquor is as evil as poison. It should not be manufactured at all. One should neither offer it to others nor drink it.


Education is a means for anyone who desires progress in this world. Therefore, it has to be given to all. .... Like men, women also should be educated.

Social Prosperity

The wealth of a country cannot increase if the people do not engage themselves in industry. Our children should be trained in Industrial Schools.

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Narayana Guru - The saint-reformer, who led a quiet and significant social revolution..
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