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'Parivrajaka' (A Spiritual Wanderer)

After the death of his father and his wife Nanu Asan continued his life of a wandering Sanyasin. He became a 'Parivrajaka' (one who wanders from place to place in quest of Truth). During his travels he came in contact with two Gurus, who left a deep impression on him. One of them was called Kunjan Pillai. He was also famous as Chettambi Swami. Thikkad Ayyavu was the other Guru. Chettambi Swami was a great scholar. He understood the innate powers of Nanu Asan. He encouraged Nanu who was shy by nature. He induced him to compose poems in Samskrita. Nanu Asan wrote 'Nava Manjari' - a string of nine stanzas. It was dedicated to Chettambi Swami. Thikkad Ayyavu knew the Science of Yoga well. He taught it to Nanu Asan.

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