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Childhoood, Marriage

Yamunacharya was also called'Alawandar'. Srishailapurna was his disciple. The latter had two sisters, the elder of whom was Bhudevi. She was the wife of Asuri Keshavacharya, also called Keshava Perumal. Bhudevi and Keshavacharya lived in a temple at Sri Perambudur, about thirty miles away from Madras. Ramanuja, their only son, was born in A.D. 1017. Sridevi was Shailapurana's younger sister. She was the wife of Kusumanayana
Bhatta. A boy called Govinda was born of this couple exactly at the same time as Ramanuja was born. These two continued to live in amity till the end of their life, and had great mutual affection.

Ramanuja was a bright child. Since he resembled Sri Rama's brother ('anuja') Lakshmana, he was called Ramanuja or Rama's brother.

The boy Ramanuja was very smart. If he read or listened to his lessons even once, he could always remember them. Naturally the teachers came to like him. They were very fond of him. He learnt the Vedas and the Vedangas even as a child.

He had his sacred thread ceremony at the right time. When Ramanuja was about sixteen years old he married a girl called Rakshambal who appears to have been known also as Tanjamma. After a few days, his father Keshavacharya died. This caused bitter sorrow to Ramanuja. With his wife and mother he left for Kanchipuram and settled there. Govinda followed them to Kanchipuram.

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