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After Ramanuja came to Sriranga, the stranglehold of the priests was released. But they felt frustrated and were waiting for a chance to avenge them by killing him. One day when Ramanuja was on his usual rounds to collect the day's alms, he was standing before the doorsteps of a house. The lady of the house came out to offer him alms. As soon as she saw the unusually brilliant eyes and graceful saintly face of the sannyasi, she began to shiver
with fright. When Ramanuja asked her the reason for her strange conduct, she could not help confessing the truth before the great man. She had been instigated by her husband and his friends to poison the food that was to be offered to the sannyasi. Ramanuja threw the food into the river.
When the disciples came to know what had happened, they decided to cook the food themselves thereafter.

There lived a famous scholar called Yajnamurthy. He had defeated many opponents in philosophical disputes. He was a very insolent man, too. He came to Ramanuja in order to challenge him to a dispute. He came to Sriranga withcartloads of ancient tomes and a crowd of disciples. The arguments went on for eighteen days. It was a meeting of two equals. On the nineteenth day Ramanuja presented a line of argument based on Yamunacharya's works. The proud controversialist was humbled, and later he became a favorite disciple of Ramanuja. He became known as Devaraja-muni.

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