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Extraordinary Disciple

Ramanuja had not yet received all his lessons in Vedanta. He was on the lookout for the right' guru'. Yadavapraksha was one of the greatest scholars of those days. Ramanuja became his student.

Though he became a student, he did not relish the manner in which the teacher taught him. It would of course be wrong to find fault with one's teacher. But in Ramanuja's judgement, Yadavaprakasha was not explaining the texts properly. Ramanuja was in a dilemma.

One day the teacher was explaining some intricate sentence in the Chandogya Upanishad. The meaning of the passage as given by the teacher was rather crude. Ramanuja gave his own interpretation of the line. The teacher resented that the student had the temerity to debate a point with the teacher. He was even nervous that some day his student might steal a march over him. It happened that on another day, they were discussing a line in Taittiriya Upanishad. The teacher gave a faulty explanation. Ramanuja explained the line in his own way. The teacher should have felt happy with his student who had given such a brilliant exposition. Instead he became angry with him.

"Look here. If you are not satisfied with my way of teaching, you don't have to take any more lessons." The teacher spoke with obvious displeasure. Ramanuja went away without uttering a word. He was too full of respect for his teacher.

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