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"What If I Go To Hell ... ?"

Goshtipoora did not easily accord his benediction to Ramanuja. He was bent on testing the latter's fitness and devotion.

He often evaded Ramanuja saying he was busy and refused to meet him. At last he was convinced that Ramanuja was a deserving student. He told Ramanuja to approach him with his walking stick and Kamandalu. Ramanuja cameaccompanied by Dasarathi and Kooresha. "I told you to come alone. Why did you bring these two with you?" the guru asked. Ramanuja said: "Dasarathi is my walking stick and Kooresha is the Kamandalu. I just cannot survive without them." Goshtipoorna was deeply touched by Ramanuja's affection for his disciples.

He taught Ramanuja the significance of the 'ashtakshari' hymn: "Since those who recite it will find god realization, you should be discriminating while teaching it," he said.

But Ramanuja did not like such invidious distinctions between man and man. He wanted that every one should profit by such divine knowledge.

Next day he climbed the temple tower and summoned all the residents of the town. He spread broadcast to them all the mystical knowledge he had learnt. He made them repeat the hymn and then explained the meaning. People were elated with joy.

Goshtipoorna was wrathful when he heard all this. He asked Ramanuja if ever he knew what punishment would befall him

for the crime he had committed. Ramanuja spoke calmly: I know I may have to go to hell for having defied my Guru. My action has brought happiness and deliverance to so many, and hence it does not matter even if I am condemned to everlasting perdition."

The words brought wisdom to Goshti- poorna.  He realized that Ramanuja was a great man who had taken his birth only for the deliverance of the world. He called him 'My Lord and embraced him.

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