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To Sriranga

The news of Ramanuja's becoming a sannyasi spread everywhere. People came to see him in large numbers. Many were attracted by his brilliant personality and became his disciples. Among them were Ramanuja's nephew Dasarathi and Kooresha. His old guru Yadavaprakasha had by then repented for his past follies. When he came to know that a vast number of people went to call on Ramanuja, he too joined them. He met Ramanuja and he too was happy. Kooresha was able to find answers to many of the philosophical questions which were vexing Yadava- prakasha. He was thus converted into Srivaishnava faith and then onwards assumed the name 'Govinda Jeer'.

Although Ramanuja had no dearth of disciples, he felt the need of his brother Govinda. He was therefore brought to Kanchi from Kalahasti.

The disciples of Yamunacharya at Sriranga continued to think of Ramanuja. They sent their chief Vararanga in order to fetch Ramanuja to Sriranga. They propitiated the God at Sriranga and succeeded in taking Ramanuja to Sriranga.

Though Ramanuja preached hisphilosophy daily he felt that his knowledge was still incomplete. Therefore he once again approached Mahapoorna and learnt quite a few things from him. But ' Mahapoorna said: "There is a man called Goshtipoorna in Goshtipura, he is the only man who can
further teach you the significance of Srivaishnava tenets."

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