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The Perfect Guru

The teachings of Yamunacharya had been distributed among his five disciples, namely Kanchipoorna, Mahapoorna, Goshtipoorna, Maladhara, and Vararanga. Ramanuja had received instruction at the hands of three of them. He was yet tomeet the remaining two' He went to Maladhara to learn the hymns of Nammalwar.

Maladhara was also known as Tirumalai Andan. Ramanuja sat at his feet to learn. The guru explained Nammalwar's 'Tiruvaimoli' in the light of the interpretation he had heard from the lips of Yamuna- charya. But Ramanuja tried to read even richer meaning into those songs. Maladhara was displeased. Goshtipooma also came to know of it, and tried to mollify the feelings of Maladhara. He assured him that Ramanuja was a great genius who had received the grace of his guru Yamuna- charya, and therefore the teacher should continue his lessons unmindful of the incidental irritation. Later Ramanuja received lessons for Vararanga on the Nalayira hymns.

The philosophical tenets of Yamunacharya which had remained fragmented were gathered together from various sources and codified by Ramanuja. Ramanuja thus became Paripooma ('complete') and his probation was over. He was in a position to disseminate the essentials of Srivaishnava
religion among his contemporaries. He wrote the three classics called Gadya- traya, Nitya-grantha and Gita-bhashya. He exercised all his faculties in obtaining divine grace and sharing the fruits of his experience with his fellowmen.

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