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Two Students

Thus Ramanuja's reputation extended far and wide. He wanted to visit holy places. Accompanied by his students he visited the places where once the 'Alwars' lived and he came to a village called Ashtasahasragrama. There he had two
disciples-Yajnesha, a rich man, and Varadarya, a poor man. Ramanuja and his disciples visited the house of Varadarya for collecting alms for the day. They were cordially welcomed by the lady of the house. But there was little that the poor woman could offer to the guests. But Ramanuja admired her devotion. The other disciple was rich but somewhat insolent. He waited in vain for his guru the whole day. He realized his folly and went to his teacher. He fell at his feet and apologised. Ramanuja exhorted him to treat all living creatures with equal humanity.

Then Ramanuja went up the Tirupati Hills to offer worship to Lord Srinivasa. At the foot of the hills he spent nearly a year studying Ramayana under the guidance of Srishailapoorna.

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