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Learned Husband, Ignorant Wife

Ramanuja did not believe in the caste system. He disliked superstitions. The sage Kanchipoorna was a devotee of Lord Varadaraja. He was known to be a great man. He was not a brahmin. But Ramanuja accepted him as his guru and he used to prostrate before him. The guru had forbidden Ramanuja to greet him. But Ramanuja persisted since he always considered himself a disciple of Kanchipoorna.

It hdppened that once Ramanuja invited sage Kanchipoorna to a dinner at his house. He wanted to feed him and receive his blessings. The sage accepted the invitation and dinner was arranged. The sage knew that Ramanuia's wife was a very orthodox woman. So, he went to their house when Ramanuja was away to fetch the distinguished guest. Kanchipoorna dined at Ramanuja's house aid returned. Ramanuja's wife gave away the remaining food to some others; she cleaned the house, bathed and cooked fresh food for the family.

Ramanuja came back and realized what had happened. He was angry that his wife had denied him the opportunity ofreceiving the blessings of the guru. Her narrow- mindedness disgusted him. She was incapable of understanding the noble feelings of Ramanuja, the great man who had taken birth for the welfare of mankind.

On another occasion a group of hungry people came to his doors. Ramanuja asked his wife to see if she could find some food in the house for them. She replied that there was no food to offer. Ramanuja became furious when he later came to know that she had told a lie.

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Learned Husband, Ignorant Wife

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