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To Karnataka

Karikala was the ruler of the Chola kingdom. He was a worshipper of Shiva, and he was a fanatic. He wanted to force Ramanuja to accept his religion. He issued a proclamation saying 'There is no god greater than Shiva' and someone suggested that the king should get Ramanuja to subscribe to that view. He sent for him. When the king's emissaries arrived at Sriranga, Ramanuja was taking his bath. Sensing the imminent danger
to the master, Kooresha disguised himself as Ramanuja. Ramanuja came to know of what had transpired from Dasarathi, and was thus able to escape. He decided to leave Sriranga. He crossed the Cauvery River and arrived in Karnataka.

The disciples of Ramanuja had to bear the brunt of the tyrant's wrath. Kooresha and Mahapoorna were taken to a jungle and their eyes where gouged out. Mahapoorna died in agony. Kooresha settled in a small remote village.

On arriving in Karnataka Ramanujareached Saligrama. The serene atmosphere of the place appealed to him. Vaduhanambi, the priest of the local Narasimha temple, became Ramanuja's disciple. The people of the vicinity, on learning that Ramanuja had arrived at the village, gathered round
him. There is pond in that village and it is a kind of memorial to the great man. Even today Sripada Tirtha is considered to be sacred to all Srivaishnavas. The temple is still in charge of the descendants of the family of Vaduhanambi.

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