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I Shall Fulfil Your Aspirations"

Yamunacharya came to know that Ramanuja had been estranged from Yadavaprakasha. His own end was drawing near. He told his student
Mahapoorna to fetch Ramanuja from Kanchi. However, Yamuna died even before Ramanuja arrived.

Mahapoorna travelled day and night and reached Kanchi. He was fascinated by the magnificent personality of Ramanuja.

He explained to Ramanuja the condition of Yamunacharya. Ramanuja longed to see the great man. They came to Sriranga. They saw a crowd on the banks of the river Cauvery. People had assembled there for the funeral rites of the great Yamuna. Ramanuja was shocked. But he felt comforted that he was fortunate to see at least the dead body of the great man.

A miracle happened then. Ramanuja stood before the corpse and gazed at it. He observed that the three fingers of the right hand had been bent. He was told by disciples of the guru that the latter had left unfinished three important tasks in his life. Ramanuja took an oath that he would accomplish them. He vowed that he would propagate the Srivaishnava philosophy, that he would pay his tribute to Vyasa, Parashara and Nammalwar, and that he
would write a commentary on Vyasa's Brahma Sutras. Even as he declared his vows, the three fingers of Yamunacharya got straightened one by one. It was clear that Sri Yamuna had blessed Ramanuja. It was also clear that Ramanuja would be the future torchbearer of the Srivaishnava tradition.

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