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What A Host!

Once Vishwamitra set out with an akshouhini' of army to see around places. (One akshouhini consists of 21,870 chariots, 21,870 elephants, 65,610 horses and 109,350 soldiers.) On his way he came across a forest region. He was wonderstruck by what he saw there. Tigers and cows, lions and deer were moving about as if they were great friends. "Oh ! How strange and wonderful!" thought Vishwamitra as he moved on. The entire region was an abode of peace and beauty. Happiness appeared to reign there.

The king moved on.

He found a hermitage at a little distance. It was the hermitage of the great sage Vashishta. It was due to his powerful spell that wild animals had given up their enmity and lived like friends.

Sage Vashishta welcomed king Vishwamitra with respect and warmth. He was offered a suitable seat. The sage enquired about the welfare of the king and then offered cool drinks and tasty fruits. During the conversation the sage came to know that the king had brought a. large army with him.

"0 king, please be my guest today along with your followers and army," said Vashishta.

The king thought, "How can these sages living in forests feed a large army? How will they find food for so many men and fodder for so many animals? It is hard even for a king who resides in a palace. How then can a poor sage manage it?" and declined the offer.

But sage Vashishta pressed him again and again. At last king Vishwamitra agreed to be his guest.

In his hermitage Vashishta had a cow by name Nandini. Nandini was the daughter of Kamadhenu, the Heavenly Cow.

Vashishta approached Nandini and prayed thus: "0 mother, king Vishwamitra has come to our hermitage. It is our duty to feed and satisfy' him and his followers. Please arrange for it."

In minutes Nandini produced all the articles of food required. Heaps of rice and eatables, basketfuls of various fruits, and streams of milk and honey, all that each and everyone desired for appeared before them. All were satisfied.

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Vishwamitra - Guru of Sri Rama, A Confluence of valour-knowledge-sympathy
About Vishwamitra
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