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"You are A Brahmarshi," Vashishta Agrees

Vishwamitra continued his rigorous penance for a thousand years. Brahma appeared before him and said, "0 Vishwamitra, now you have truly become a Rishi. "

But this did not satisfy Vishwamitra. His goal was to become a 'Brahmarshi'. So, he continued his penance.

During this time Vishwamitra met a beautiful woman by name Menaka. Menaka was a dancer in the court of gods. Vishwamitra lived with her happily for ten years. They got a daughter called Shakuntala. One day Vishwamitra began thinking, "Why did I give up my penance?" and felt sorry for it. He left Menaka and went to north. He started his penance again. This time he overcame his tendency to anger. He performed his penance for a thousand years in peace. At theconclusion he prepared a meal for himself and was getting ready, for taking it. Just then Indra came there dressed as a Brahmin and begged for a meal. Vishwamitra gave him the prepared meal and started his penance again. After a thousand years Brahma appeared again and said, "Vishwamitra, now you have become a 'Maharshi’."

Even this did not make him happy; but he did not feel sorry. He continued his penance to attain the status of a 'Brahmarshi'. He faced all the obstacles with equanimity and peace. Due to his rigorous penance, the whole universe was upset. Devendra himself came in the form of a Brahmin and tested Vishwarnitra but failed to make him swerve from the penance to reach his goal. At last Brahma, accompanied by all the gods, appeared and said, Vishwamitra, you have become a Brahmarshi."

Vishwamitra prostrated himself before Brahma and gods and said, "My desire is to be called a Brahmarshi by Vashishta, who is learned in all the Vedas." Then the gods requested Vashishta to fulfil the desire of Vishwamitra. Vashishta came and said, "Vishwamitra, you are indeed a Brahmarshi."

Thus Vishwamitra reached his goal by his tenacious efforts and concluded his penance. He was honored by gods and sages alike.

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