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A Great Personality

Vishwamitra was the bravest among the brave. He was the personification of power. His personality is attractive but awesome like lighting. He was fearless. No gods or demons or men could deter him from his chosen path. The episode of Trishanku is a testimony to this. When he was in error he was humble enough to take his defeat, as highlighted by the story of Harishchandra.

Tenacity, fearlessness, and rigorous penance mark Vishwamitra out as a great sage. Along with these great qualities, he was kind and sympathetic to those who were suffering. He saved Shunahshepha and was responsible for the redemption of Ahalya. His vigour and power may be realised by his decision to create another Indra. The rigour of his penance was such that he could achieve even impossible goals. He was a Guru to Sri Rama himself. The towering personality of Vishwamitra picturises many values of Ancient Bharat.

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Vishwamitra - Guru of Sri Rama, A Confluence of valour-knowledge-sympathy
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