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Vow in the Court of Gods

Once in the court of gods, Devendra asked Vashishta, "0 great sage, kings of lkshwaku dynasty are your disciples. Among them is there any one who is brave enough to tread only the path of truth in all situation?" Vashishta was immensely happy at the question and said, "King Harishchandra of the solar dynasty is the one who will stick to the path of truth at any cost."

Vishwamitra who was also seated in the court and he did not agree with this assertion. He rose and said, "0 Vashishta, this Devendra has no better business to engage himself in. He asked you first only out of regard and you are telling something which makes no sense."

This resulted in a wordy duel between the two sages. As the arguments became strong, the whole court began trembling in fear. Even Devendra became anxious about the outcome. None dared to intervene. At last Vishwamitra gnashed his teeth in anger, and with raised hands declared, Washishta, if I do not prove you and your disciple false, I will no more call myself Vishwamitra." He shouted these words as if lightning was striking and left the court of gods in a huff.

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