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"Who Can Stop Me?"

Now Vishwamitra's anger knew no bounds. How could he, a powerful and mighty king, tolerate such a blank refusal of his request from poor sage? "Oh, if I beg and entreat
if will not be gifted. If I drag away this cow, what will this miserable sage do? Who can stop me?" he thought. He called his soldiers and ordered them, "Bind that cow and drag her away!"

The soldiers bound Nandini with a strong rope and pulled her. She was pained very much. She jumped, shook off the soldiers and ran like wind to Vashishta. She begged him to protect her.

Vashishta said, 'Mother, before the power of a mighty king, what can a poor sage like me do to defend you?" Nandini realized this and prayed to him, "0 great sage! Permit me to protect myself." Vashishta said, "Yes, there is nothing wrong in it."

At once Nandini roared "Hum-bha!" Out of each hair on her body, thousands of armed men were born and jumped out. With tumultuous shouts these men fell upon the army of Vishwamitra. No doubt, Vishwamitra's army was mighty. But they could not stand the attack from these divine defenders of Nandini.

Before his very eyes, Vishwamitra's army was annihilated. In a fit of desperate rage he sent up his one hundred sons to punish Vashishta. They rushed against him. Seeing them, Vashishta roared out only once. A huge fire enveloped them and all the hundred were burnt down to ashes.

Vishwamitra was grief-stricken. But hi rage had not subsided.

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