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Guru of Sri Rama

In the Ramayana the role of Vishwamitra is great. King Dasharatha of Ikshwaku dynasty had four sons-Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna. His guru was
Vashishta. The princes grew up and learnt archery. They were the pet of the eyes of their parents and the hope of the people.

One day Vishwamitra came to the palace of Dasharatha. The king welcomed him with great respect and offered a high seat. After salutation the king asked, "May I know what brought you to this place?"

Vishwamitra explained the purpose of his visit. "0 great king, two Rakshasas (Demons) - Mareecha and Subahu - are obstructing my sacrificial rites. They are very wicked but extremely brave. I can curse them and get rid of the menace. But according to the vow of the rite I should not become angry. Send with me your son Rama who is wise and brave. Let him kill the'Rakshasas.' In return I will teach Rama things which would make him famous in all the three worlds."

Hearing this, Dasharatha became worried. How cans Rama, still a young boy, fight the mighty 'Rakshasas'? He explained this to Vishwamitra and then said, "Great sage, I
shall accompany you with my army. I shall remove their menace."

Vishwamitra in a most reassuring tone said, "Have no doubt the valour of Rama." Still Dasharatha felt uneasy.

Vishwamitra then became angry, and warned Dasharatha, "Having agreed to fulfil my request, you are now backing out." Vashishta, the Guru of the king, advised him thus:
"Vishwamitra is the bravest among the brave and the wisest among the wise. He is a master of all arms and weapons. In fact there is none else in the world that knows the art of archery and warfare better than him. He alone can kill all the 'Rakshasas.' When he is with Rama, what danger can there be for him? This is a good opportunity. Send Rama with Vishwamitra." At last Dasharatha agreed. Rama, accompanied by Lakshmana, went with Vishwamitra.

They approached river Sarayu. On the banks of this river Vishwamitra taught two ‘mantras' namely Bala and Atibala, to Rama. These mantras' could give unmatched bodily power and wisdom. Afterwards, they came to a forest. This forest was full of noise made by wild beasts and insects. Their ademoness by name Tataka lived. Vishwamitra
asked Rama to kill her. Accordingly Rama killed Tataka who was pursuing him.

Early the next morning. Vishwamitra woke up Rama. He taught Rama the secrets of magical arrows which could defeat all the gods and demons. He. also taught the
methods of withdrawing them.

Vishwamitra made all the preparations for the sacrificial rite. He instructed Rama in the means and methods of defending the rite. The rite began and continued for five days without hindrance. On the sixth day there started a deafening roar in the sky. Mareecha and Subahu came in its wake with their followers. They began pouring blood into the sacred fire. Rama killed Subahu, and Mareecha ran away. The rite was ended in peace. All the sages were happy.

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Vishwamitra taught rama the secrets of magical arms which could defeat all the gods and demons
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