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Marriage of Rama with Sita

Vishwamihtra along with Rama and Lakshmana arrived at Mithila. King Janaka welcomed them with great delight and
ceremony. Vishwamitra introduced Rama and Lakshmana to King Janaka. In the meanwhile Janaka had decided and declared that he would give his daughter Sita in marriage to any one who would bend and string the bow of Shiva. None had been able to perform this feat. Vishwamitra said, "My boy, Rama, try that." As Rama lifted the bow and bent it, it broke into two, with a thunderous noise. It was unable to bear the strength of Rama's arms.

Janaka gave his daughter Sita in marriage to Rama. Another daughter of his, Urimila, married Lakshmana. Bharata and Shatrughna were given two daughters of
Kushadhwaja, a younger brother of Janaka. Vishwarnitra blessed all of them heartily and went away to the Himalayas.

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