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"I Need a Gift"

From there Vishwamitra came to the earth and went to his hermitage. He started evolving a plan to make kingHarishchandra utter a falsehood. As he calmly thought, he
realized that his task would not be as easy as he had imagined it to be while addressing the court of gods.

Some time later Harishchandra performed a sacrificial rite, which involved gifting of a large quantity of old. Vishwamitra bided for a time when Vashishta was away and
visited Harishchandra. The king received him with great honor and offered him a suitable seat. He washed the hands and feet of the sage and Enquirer as to what brought him there. The sage said, "I need a gift." Harishchandra agreed to give whatever was asked for. Then Vishwamitra asked, "0 king! I need gold of a quantity, which may be measured thus: A tall man must stand on a huge elephant and throw up a cowrie shell. I want a heap of gold which would measure up to that height."

Without any hesitation Harishchandra replied, "0 great sage, gladly I give what you have specified. It is in my treasury and you may take it."

Vishwamitra had not expected such a reply. It was his first defeat. Without giving expression to his disappointment he said, "King, let it be in your treasury. I will take it
when I require it." He received the honors and went away to his hermitage.

He planned his next creation. By the power he possessed he created many wild animals. He sent them to trouble the people of Harishchandra's kingdom. People came to the king and begged him to protect them from these wild beasts. Harishchandra set out for hunting along with his wife Chandramati, son Lohitashwa and many followers.

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