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"0 Child, Do Not Fear!"

Now seeing his uncle, Shunahshepha hoped that his life might after all be saved. He ran to his uncle, seated himself on his lap and explained his plight and wept.

"Uncle, even though I have my father and mother, it is as good as not having them. You are a protector of all. Please save me. My life must be saved, but the king's
sacrificial rite should not be ruined," he prayed.

Seeing his nephew, a. mere child, in tears, Vishwamitra took great pity on him. "0 son, do not fear," he said. Then with great love and ceremony he taught the boy some'mantras' (special incantations) which could save one from all difficulties. "Child, when you will be tied to the sacrificial altar, chant these 'mantras' with devotion. Your
life will be saved," he instructed the boy and blessed him.

King Ambareesha took away the boy. He started the rites and got the boy tied to the sacrificial altar. Shunahshepha began chanting the 'mantras' his uncle had taught.
They were prayers offered to Devendra, the king of gods. Hearing these mantras being chanted with pure devotion, Devendra and the gods were highly pleased. They blessed the boy and saved his life. The sacrificial rite came to a successful conclusion and Ambareesha got the boons he desired.

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