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Patriots Tortured

As the message of Vande Mataram' spread, the British became more andmore cruel. They proclaimed that it was treason to shout Vande Mataram'. Thus, in the eyes of the British saluting our own Mother was an act of treason!

The British Government started harassing the patriots in different ways. But they had the courage to march on ignoring all harassment. Meetings and processions resounded with cries of Vande Mataram, which shock the British. If two patriots met, instead of merely saying   Namaskar (salutation) they bowed to each other with the greeting Vande Mataram'! Whenever the police heard the slogan, they merci- lessly beat the patriots. They tortured them. Yet they could not prevent Indians from shouting Vande Mataram'! The greater the tyranny of the British, the greater grew the pride of Indians. People started boycotting foreign clothes. They left foreign schools and colleges. 'Swadeshi' (made in our country) became the mantra of salutation to patriots.

The British thought that they would have to quit India if such conditions persisted. Yet they had an illusion that they could forcibly keep the people under control. So they decided to punish the patriots still more
cruelly. Wherever the revolutionaries were very active, the government appointed stern and harsh officers. Those officers would torture the patriots they could catch. They would ill-treat women, children and old men. They would inflict harsh punish- ments even for small crimes. Kings ford, the Chief Presidency Magistrate of calcutta, was one such cruel officer.

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