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The Lion's Cub Provoked

On the 26th of August 1907, when such a case was going on, thousands of youths had gathered as usual before the court. They had not yet begun to shout Vande Mataram'. They were silent, and created no trouble. This itself probably provoked a sturdy. Red-faced policeman; he suddenly started beating the young men with a lathi. Nobody resisted. But the lathi in the hands of that sturdy person wheeled round with a greater force.

Sushilkumar Sen, a boy of fifteen, who was standing at a distance, could not bear the sight. Stepping forward, he said to the official: "Why are you beating the people without any reason?" He tried to stop him.

"Who are you? Get out!" the Englishman shouted and hit Sushil. Provoked, Sushil said, "I will show you who I am." He suddenly pounced on the Englishman and struck a powerful blow on the nose of the Englishman who was four times as big as he. Pulling away the lathi from his hand, the boy went on beating the Englishman himself. Just taste the blow of an Indian boy, he said and beat him till the English man began to bleed. That lout had only experience of beating unarmed people; he had not known what it was to be thrashed. He began to howl with pain. He screamed. Then other policeman came up and caught hold of Sushil. They arrested and took him to the court.

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