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The Sacred Phrase

This 'Mantra' or sacred phrase, Vande Mataram', which inspired Khudiram, had a great history. And greater still was what it accomplished.

In 1838, a great man was born in thevillage of Kantalapada. His name was Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya. His father had once been a government official in Khudi- ram's native place Medinipur.

In 1857 there was an armed fight for the first time to free our country from the British. Lakshmi Bai, the Queen of Jhansi, Kuwarasimha of Bihar and Bahadur Shah, the Emperor of Delhi were among the leaders of this First War of Independence. At that time Bankim Chandra was a young man of seventeen. The Indians were defeated in their fight for freedom, though they were heroic and intelligent. Bankim's blood boiled at this defeat. Our people did not have discipline, organization, and obedience to rules, nor did they have enough arms and ammunition. There were a number of Indians who were traitors, self - seekers and opportunists. Because these people helped the British, the Indians had to suffer defeat.

If a man is to give up selfishness, he must have a shining ideal before him. What ideal could inspire the people of India? Bankim pondered on this question. Then came to him the vision of Bharat Mata (Mother India) - a vision of the Mother in her glory seated on a throne studded with gems. Bankim thought 'We, her children, bow to the sublime Mother.' Then flashed to his mind the sacred phrase: Vande Mataram' (I salute the Mother).

Bankim Chandra composed a lengthy song, which opened with this phrase. All through the song are described the form and the splendour of Bharat Mata. Bankim Chandra wrote a novel by name 'Anandamata', narrating the very story of a struggle for independence. He put the song Vande Mataram' in to the novel.

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