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The Prey Missed

It was on the night of April 30, 1908 that Khudiram and Profulla approached the European Club at Muzaffarpur. With a revolver and a bomb ready, they hid them- selves waiting for Kingsford to come out.

In a short while courage drawn by a horse moved from the compound of Kingsford's bungalow. Khudiram who held a bomb in his hand, whispered to Profulla, "Run away soon after I throw the bomb. Don't worry about me. In case I survive, I shall touch the feet of our revered teacher. Be ready to run. Vande Mataram!"

The carriage approached. When it was just opposite him Khudiram aimed at the carriage and threw the bomb inside.

The first bomb thrown against the British by India leapt from a young hand.

As the bomb touched the coach there was a deafening explosion. A blood-curdling cry was also heard at the same moment. Without watching to see what would happen next, Khudiram and Profulla ran away in different directions.

Kingsford was lucky. He was not in the carriage on which Khudiram threw the bomb. The persons in it were Kingsford's guests, the wife and the daughter of a lawyer Kennady by name, and a servant. The daughter and the servant died immediately. Mrs. Kennedy, who was seriously injured, died a day or two later.

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