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Spreading the Gospel of 'Vande Mataram'

In the days following his initiation Khudiram learnt the use of weapons like the pistol, the dagger and the lathi, and became an expert. Though lean, he was very active. At the same time he took up the task of spreading the gospel of Vande Mataram'. In order to build an army of freedom fighters, was it not necessary to install the auspicious image of Bharat Mata in their hearts? How could one fight for the mother if one did 'not know'' her? And could there be a better means of educating people than by teaching the gospel of Vande Mataram'?

Khudiram started teaching the song to his friends. He fully explained its meaning. He encouraged is a friend to read the novel 'Anandamata'.

The leaders of Khudiram's group of revolutionaries recognized his special devotion and interest in Vande Mataram'. They decided to print handbills containing the song and distribute them. Khudiram took an important part in this task. That was the background of the incident at the Medinipur Exhibition.

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