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As had been decided, Khudiram was brought to the gallows at 6 A. M. on the nineteenth of August, 1908, Even then the smile on his face had not faded. Serenely he walked to the post. He had a copy of the Bhagavadgita (the Song Divine). For the last time he cried aloud, Vande Mataram' and then put his hand into the noose.

Khudiram had finally achieved his heroic goal; he had laid his life at the feet of Mother India. He is immortal in the history of India.

Khudiram's sacrifice did not go waste. Of course, the bomb thrown by him hit others, but not Kingsford. But the bomb of fear had entered the mind of Kingsford. Right from the day when Khudiram became a martyr, Kingsford had no peace of mind. Each moment seemed to bring him death. At last, he was so terrified that he resigned his post and settled at Mussorie.Kingsford, who frightened and tortured the innocents, himself died of terror.

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Khudiram Bose - He threw the first bomb on the british who were crushing India
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