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Kingsford's Cruelty

The magistrate who conducted the trial was Kingsford, notorious for his cruelty. "You have broken the law by attacking a British Policeman engaged in maintaining peace," he scolded Sushil.

"Then why did your 'peace-loving' police man attack our people standing peace fully?" Sushilkumar fearlessly questioned Kingsford himself.

"An impertinent fellow! I order a punish- ment of fifteen lashes. Take him away," Kingsford commanded the police.

The police took out Siushil, and stripped him. They mercilessly gave him fifteen lashes. Sushil did not weep, nor did his smile fade. At every stroke, he cried 'Vande Mataram'!

After release,he was taken in a procession by the people. He was honored at a big meeting. Surendranath Bannerji, an elderly leader, admired Sushilkumar's courage and blessed him with the gift of a gold medal. The National College, in which he was studying, was closed for a day in his honor.

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