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The Stirring 'Mantra'

'Anandamata' is the novel describing the fight of the patriotic ascetics (sanyasis) against foreign rule. Bankim Chandra's intention was to awaken the Vande Mataram patriotism in people and inspire them to fight for freedom. The freedom fighting sanyasis in the novel sing ‘Vande Mataram’ as a song of inspiration. In the song, Mother India is described as Goddess Durga. Bankim used many Sanskrit  words in the song so that all Indians could use it.

Within a few days of the publication of the novel 'Anandamata', the song Vande Mataram' became the favorite 'Mantra'       (incantation) of patriots. Whenever they gathered together, they would shout the magic words Vande Mataram'. Bankim's novel inspired more and more people. Great men like Aravincla Ghosh, Brahma- bandhava Upadhyaya and Bipinchandra Pal plunged into the fight for freedom. They’re sprang up many organizations to
train young men in the use of pistol, lathi, dagger and the like. Some important ones were Anusheelana Samiti, Jugantar,Bhrato Samiti, Vande Mataram Sampradaya and Circular Virodhi Samiti. The determination to free the Mother even at the cost of life, happiness, family, money and all grew stronger. Sister Nivedita, the disciple of
Swami Vivekananda, supported and encouraged these attempts.

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