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No Disease Worse Than Slavery

Once Khudiram went to a temple. A few persons were lying on the bare ground in front of the temple. "Why are these people lying thus?", Khudiram asked some persons nearby.

One of them explained:"They are suffering from some disease or the other. They have made a vow and are lying here without food and water. They will get up and go after God appears in their dream and promises to cure their diseases."

Khudiram thought for a moment and said, "One day I too will have to give up all 'thought of hunger and thirst and lie on the ground like these people."

"What disease has struck you?" A man asked the boy.

Khudiram laughed, and said, "Can there be a disease worse than slavery? I will have to drive it out."

Even at that young age, Khudiram had thought so deeply about the country's freedom. But how was he to achieve it? This was the problem that always clouded his mind. How could he successfully do his duty?

While he was thus worried, Khudiram one day heard the cry 'Vande Mataram', 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' (Victory to Mother India). He was thrilled by these words, his eyes glowed and he felt happy.

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