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Preparations for Kingsford's Murder

Even after his transfer to Muzaffarpur, Kingsford would-not ends his cruel acts. In 1908, the revolutionaries made a plan to kill him.

In the first week of April,the revolutionaries of the Jugantar group held a meeting at a house in Calcutta. They were to discuss how to – punish Kingsford who had treated Sushil so unjustly and harshly. Aravinda Ghosh, Subodh Mallik, Charudatta and others were present at the meeting. It was decided that Kingsford should be shot dead. But their leader was worried about the choice of a person to do this. Some were eager to accept the task. But the leader did not wish to select any one of them.

All of a sudden the leader's eye fell on Khudiram who was sitting in a corner. The glance seemed to ask 'Can you do this?' Khudiram understood it. There was a glow in his eyes.

"Can you do this grim work?" The leader now openly asked him.

"With your blessings, what is impossible?" Khudiram answered him with a question.

"This is not so easy as going to jail. Do you know what will happen, if you are caught?" The leader asked him in a tone of warning.

Khudiram said calmly but firmly, 1know. At the worst they can hang me. Master, I take it as a boon. Bharat Mata is my father, mother and all.To give up my life for her is, I consider, an act of merit. My sole desire is only this. Till our country wins freedom, I will be born here again and again, and sacrifice my life."

"Is that so? I am very glad. Get ready for the journey. Profulla Chaki will go with you," the leader said.

Profullakumar Chaki, quite sturdy and of about the same age as Khudiram, stood near him.Profulla was a native of Rangapur of East Bengal. At the time of the partition of Bengal, he had walked out of school with eighty boys, all shouting Vande Mataram'!

The leader of the revolutionaries gave each of the boys, Khudiram and Profulla, two revolvers, a bomb and a little money, and sent them with his blessings. They set out full of zest to end the life of Kingsford.

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