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On 19th February 1906 a child was born in Nagpur to Sadashiv Golwalkar and Lakshmibai. The Golwalkar family originally hailed from Gulwalli village in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra.

Lakshmibai was endearingly called as 'Tai and Sadashivarao as 'Bhauji by all acquaintances. In the beginning, Sadashivarao served as a clerk in the
Posts and Telegraphs Department. Later, he took up the job of a schoolteacher. The boy was named Madhav at birth. It is customary in Maharashtra to append the father's name and the family name after a person's surname. Thus Madhav became Madhavrao Sadashivarao Golwalkar.

Madhav had an elder brother named Amrut. Madhav was fondly called 'Madhu' in the family circle. Mother Lakshmibai was a devout lady. Amrut was gentle by nature. Madhu was rather mischievous, but always good in studies as well as in sports. He was agile, though not particularly well built.
When Bhauji sat for worship, little Madhu too sat beside him, and quickly learnt the Mantras by heart. Endowed with a stupendous memory, he could recall whatever he once heard with ease and precision. After hearing a story he could narrate it to others with further elaboration added to it. Naturally a large circle of friends would always surround him. He had an unsuitable thirst to learn and understand everything that came his way with
alacrity and enthusiasm.

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Golwalkar - Second Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
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