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Vishwa Hindu parishad

Even as his concern about the security of the country from external threats was paramount, his anxiety was no less in the reforms to be brought about in the society from within. Most of the Hindus of the world live in Bharat. But millions of them have settled in a number of other countries of the world too. They have gone there for vocation, studies, trade, business, etc., and have stayed back in those countries. Many a great Hindu social thinker felt the need for a forum for bringing the Hindus of the world together. Vishwa Hindu Parishad was thus founded on the Krishna Janmashtami day in 1964. Guru conceptualized the founding of the V.H.P. and continued to guide it for the next few years.

The Parishad convened its First World Conference at Prayag (Allahabad) in 1966. The First Karnataka State-levelConference was held at Udupi in 1969. Both these conferences were attended by a record number of delegates and blessed by the Dharmacharyas of all the major religious orders and traditions such as Shaiva, Vaishnava, Veerasaiva, Bouddha, Jain, Sikh, Aryasamaj, etc. The Sant-Sadhus assembled there proclaimed in unequivocal terms the natural brotherhood and equality of all Hindus. They defended the right of the Hindus to self-protection. Guru was the leading light of these conferences.

The Dharmacharyas declared with one voice that there is neither prescription nor any sanction for the most heinous practice of Untouchability in our Dharma or in scriptures. When this resolution was adopted unanimously, the eyes of Guru were full with tears of fulfillment. He exclaimed, "Momentous session!"

Guru was travelling throughout the country at least twice a year. He was interacting with thousands of Sangh workers and members of the public through various programs like the month-long State-level Sangh Shiksha Vargas (training camps), short-duration camps, 'baithaks', meetings, wide public contacts, etc. He was establishing personal rapport with the associates and the people everywhere, and always discussing about the problems faced by the country and emphasizing our duty to it. He was clearing their doubts and providing constant guidance. Added to this, he had to meet the harassment caused by the Government from time to time.

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