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In The Service Of People Again

Thousands of Hindus started pouring in from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) on account of their forcible conversion to Islam. The Sangh, under the able stewardship of Guru, girded up its loins for the service of the people thus rendered homeless. Guru once again swung into swift action to supervise these arrangements of succor to the refugees. He alerted the Government about their duty towards these unfortunate brethren of ours and gave his guidance for the appropriate course of action under those difficult circumstances. He appealed to the people to extend their helping hand in 
mitigation of the distress caused by the neighboring State.

People of Delhi presented a purse of Rs.101001/- to Shri Guru.

Shri J. A. Kurein, a journalist from U.S.A., and Prof. Wilson from Australia came to Bharat to study the Sangh and its working. The name and fame of the Sangh reached to the distant corners of the world.

Guru then led a movement against cow-slaughter. He articulated the Hindus' deeply rooted feeling towards the cow, which has been a focal point of our culture and Dharma, in the minds of themultitudes. The movement set a world record of 1,74,89,332 signaturescollected by fifty four thousand Swayamsevaks from 84,000 villages and cities all over the country.

Guru never tolerated any insult either to the unity and integrity of the country, to Dharma and Culture, or to the cherished beliefs of people. Narrating the story of a lion-cub that had acquired all the sheepish traits after it strayed into a herd of sheep for a long time and which was later on restored to its innate leonine nature by another lion, Guru exhorted the people to stand up-right and assert themselves once again. Guru stoutly protested against all that was inimical to the integrity of Bharat. He opposed every act of treachery against the nation. Due to inertia on the part of Government, China gobbled up Tibet. There was no reaction from our Government. The Portuguese were torturing our people in Goa, which was a part of Bharat. The Government maintained a sullen silence. Guru cautioned the Government on all such occasions. Guru was the first nationalist thinker to openly warn that the re-organization of the States solely on the basis of language would do many harms to the country.

Guru was a fountain of perennial inspiration to thousands of Hindu youths. He was a Karmayogin. His physique was fragile. But spiritual glow and serenity flowed from' his face. Curly locks of hair reaching up to shoulders; a flowing beard; a broad forehead; lips hiding behind the curved moustache; an observant pair of bright eyes; a sprinkle of sweet smile in his talks and conversation; and often bouts of hearty laughter too. His softly couched and aptly delivered cryptic remarks had a drive-home quality about them. He was invariably clothed in a baggy dhoti and loose kurta, and shawl on the shoulders. Seeing his erect chest and fast pace with long strides, one felt tempted to call him 'a saint in a hurry'. His pious Personality reflected the dynamism of a noble commander. His heart emitted concentrated confidence of a thousand lions. With all this, he shunned publicity like poison. Such was his self-effacing nature.
1956 saw the fifty-first birthday of Shri Guru. It was celebrated in a befitting manner. On that occasion, the Sangh workers not only arranged colorful functions, but also conveyed the thoughts Guru held dear to his heart, to every hearth and home in the country.

1963 was the birth centenary of Swami Vivekananda Guru addressed a mammoth public meeting in Madras and at other important cities. He reminded the people of the rousing call of Swami Vivekananda to build a strong organization in Hindu Samaj, for national reconstruction.

Guru shaped the Sangh into a protective shield and also as fighting arms of the country whenever it was confronted with external crisis. In 1962, China betrayed Bharat. It pushed its army into our territory. Guru gave a call to the Swayamsevaks to stand by the Government in protecting the 
nation. "Now that a powerful enemy has attacked our nation, let us set aside our differences and be united as an invincible force. This is the need of the time. All the people of Bharat should stand erect as one Virat-Purusha for safeguarding the national interests."

Millions of hearts throbbed in unison with this call of Guru. Swayamsevak responded in full measure and stood as pillars of support to all the governmental and social efforts in this direction. They helped the Government in maintaining internal security of the metropolitan cities of Delhi, 
Calcutta and Mumbai.

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