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Won Over By Kashi

On arrival in Kashi, Madhavrao immersed himself in books with an irrepressible passion to know and understand almost everything. He gained proficiency in Sanskrit in order to delve deep into the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas. He read and re-read texts of Vedanta for the sake of his friends who gathered around him every day for discussion. He studied extraneous subjects like Sociology, Economics etc., to be able to assist his Universitymates. Alongside, he practiced Yogasanas and swimming, and also learnt to play flute and sitar. He would be so engrossed in study that once, when he was stung by a scorpion, he continued his reading saying, 'It has stung my leg and not my head.' When attacked by fever he would say, 'Fever is there for itself, and I am here for myself' and continue his study. His room was full of books. He was always reading: when not reading he would be engaged in discussions with friends. Swimming in the morning; exercises in the evening. Whenever he went back to his home for short duration, his parents felt inwardly happy to see the glowing face of their son. He had indeed blossomed into a sprightly youth.

Madhavrao completed his B-Sc. in 1926, but he did not feel like leaving Kashi; so deep had been its influence on his mind. Under the pretext of pursuing his post-graduation in zoology, he managed to remain there for a further period of two years. During that period he applied himself to a deep study of literature of Ramakrishna Paramahmsa and Vivekananda. He also became a member of a Theosophy Center, which had just then been started in Kashi. This proved to be a turning point in his life, in so far as his attitude,outlook and lifestyle were concerned. It also brought about a complete change in his mode of dress. A white, loose kurta and a slack pyjama became his attire - as was common among theosophists. Madhavrao 
liked the dress. He completed his M.S. also with distinction in 1928. He had to leave Kashi thereafter, though reluctantly.

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