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Rastriya swayamsevak sangh

By that time, the activities of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh had already started in Kashi. Doctor Hedgewar, founder of the Sangh, had asked his close associate Bhaiyaji Dani to initiate Sangh work in Kashi, while he was there for his studies. Guru was very fond of Bhaiyaji. A close kinship developed between them. Guru keenly observed the Sangh activities like the daily prayer, exercises, sports, discussions and other intellectual activities, conducive to nationalist thinking. Guru said, "All these activities are dear to my heart too" and became, one with the Sangh.

During his stay at Nagpur after return from Madras, Guru had come to know about the Sangh and Doctor Hedgewar, who could attract any person towards him through his affability and magnetic personality.

Guru soon succeeded in securing the blessings of eminent persons like Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya for the Sangh activities. Malaviya had made available a room for the Sangh office and also a ground for Shakha activities in the campus of the University. Malaviya often discussed with Guru about the future of the country. The former was all appreciation for the discipline and dedication of Swayamsevaks.

The three years' tenure of Guru's professorship came to an end in 1933. Guru had to return to Nagpur. The parents thought that it would be better if Madhavrao did his Law, as he could thereby earn a lot. In accordance with his parents' wish, Guru joined the Law College. Study for the Law course occupied very little of his time; he spent more time in the Ramakrishna Ashram at Dhantoli.

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